Triple roller coater
 Suitable to apply primer on MDF, HDF, solid wood, and wood-plastic composite etc.
 Excellent precision and flexibility achieved by independent speeds of the coating roller, doctor roller and conveyor each controlled by its own motor reducer, and frequency converter.
 Dosing roller rotation direction can be clockwise or counter clockwise.
 Precise auto-elevating system responds perfectly to workpiece with different thickness.
Belt adjustments are automatic thanks to the belt-centring system
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Wooden door
Performance characteristics

The triple roll coater comes with 3 sets of coating rollers. Suitable for coating large panels such as cabinet panels and furniture panels. The triple roll coater results in a thicker coating by applying multi-roll coating processes, with the coated panels featuring a glossy surface. Suitable materials include solid wood, MDF, HDF, wood-plastic composite, and glass etc.

Technical parameters


 MH7113x2/D  /  MH7113x2/DN

Processing speed


Processing width

Processing length 300-2500mm
Processing thickness 3-80mm
Total power 5kw
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