3D + AI robot + reciprocating paint spraying machine

Richfruitd has developed a robot + reciprocating paint spraying machine to perfectly solve this entanglement. It can not only solve the problems of grooves, thickness, unevenness, and in-cut painting of complex workpieces, but also use the reciprocating paint spraying machine to solve the efficiency of large-area painting. The problem is to break through the painting problem of complicated workpieces with a thickness of less than 300mm.
Application for bedside frame
Office application for office table and office side
Glue Application technology automatic spraying glue for cabinet

Academic Conference on the super matte technology

On the work piece with primer, apply UV top coating on roller, press and flatten the top coat with super matte film, and remove the film after curing with UV light source to get the super matte sensitive product with film pressure.

Membrane pressing technology can only process plane products. And because of the limitation of the micro structure of the super matte sense film, the timeliness of the sense of this kind of products will be limited under certain conditions. At present, in domestic applications, the super matte film is disposable, resulting in high operating costs.

Wood coating machine UV coating for MDF solid wood, timber flooring, veneer panel, automatic loading
high speed Curtain Coating on MDF board high glossy finishing
loading unloading Robot with vaccum disc factory production automation

The Age of Coating Industry Intelligence

We have always been in the field of coating energy industry, to provide users with the best products and services from the user’s point of view to understand the needs, at the application level to provide users with an integrated solution.

Intelligent robot spray coating machine smoothly work on curved board robot application
Spray coating machine cabinet coating
Spray coating machine baby cribs hard wood water-based UV seal top coat
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