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Roller Coating

Roller Coating is ideal for coating solid wood floor and wood composite floor with high efficiency. Based on daily output capacity and finishing effect required, primer and top coating solutions can be customized.

Capacity: 390-1550㎡

Two primers coating configuration, Putty + double roller, with coarse pores with the use of the substrate, the most commonly used basic configuration. 

Applications cases

Strategic cooperation projects

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Number of production lines: Equipment Features
Production capacity:
 Exhausted gas treatment: UV primer, water-based paint, water-based LED-UV finish Membrane pressure PVC cabinet door, custom closet, lines 3 articles......

Strategic cooperation projects

Exhaust gas treatment: UV high-gloss finish 
Product variety:cabinet,the whole house customization 4 lines solvent-free UV primer+water-based finish paint,water-based primer+water-based finish paint UV primer 
spraying line: 1500m2 /8h Dry filter tower + photo-catalytic + activated carbon
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