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Roller Coating

Roller Coating is ideal for coating solid wood floor and wood composite floor with high efficiency. Based on daily output capacity and finishing effect required, primer and top coating solutions can be customized.

Capacity: 390-1550㎡

Two primers coating configuration, Putty + double roller, with coarse pores with the use of the substrate, the most commonly used basic configuration. 

Applications cases

Suofeiya Home Collection Co.,Ltd.

Currently Suofeiya has over 3000 stores in China, and works with over 50 top Chinese real estate companies in project business industry. In 2017, SUOFEIYA average monthly actual production reached 184,400 orders from SUOFEIYA custom wardrobe and its supporting custom cabinet production base , and the average annual production capacity utilization rate was 85.6%. The average delivery period of the factory in 2017 is about 10 days to 12 days.

Beijing Branch Po Boloni Kitchen & Bath Furniture Co., Ltd.

Beijing Branch Po Boloni Kitchen & Bath Furniture Co.,Ltd. a strong sense of design Italian kitchen cabinets start the market quickly become the industry model, and ultimately beyond the kitchen cabinet products to become a lifestyle brand, and established the industry's highest brand positioning. And decided to a new product category every year the speed of home improvement as a leader, to build the overall home solutions.
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