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"We often say that in order to be a great supplier, we must visit the customer factory no less than ten times."                  
 ——Richfruits CEO Linda Tse
The triple vision of Richfruits Finishing Customer Service
Core advantage one
Prompt solution, fast delivery

After analyzing the basic information of the customer's product, paint type and finishing effect requirements, our experienced sales team will promptly develop and clarify the optimal solution to the customer.
Once the initial solution is approved, our team will conduct the testing in our lab center, and follow up with customer factory visits, factory layout design, production capacity planning, capital investment calculation. 

Coating Testing Center

To ensure fast delivery, Richfruits carries out bulk production, with each equipment standardized, which can reasonably guarantee quality and shortening the manufacturing cycle. The installation of our B2-03 line only takes 3-5 days.  

Richfruits 3000 square meters modern standard factory

Core advantage two

Experienced Technicians Quick Response


Richfruits currently has more than 30 application technology engineers, who have more than five years of work experience, with a maximum of 13 or 14 years, responsible for after-sales training, debugging, and maintenance.
In the training session, Richfruits application technical engineers will provide training to factory operators, workshop supervisors, factory directors and painters in the factory. Gathering together to ensure that customers can operate the machine autonomously; in the debugging session, experienced engineers can efficiently cooperate The paint supplier completes the commissioning of the process.

 Richfruits will hold an after-sales training conference every year in August,

 inviting all after-sales service technicians to return to the company to conduct comprehensive training on the structure, function, performance, installation operation and maintenance details of the upgraded equipment, to ensure every technician is qualified to provide good after-sales service.

Core advantage three

Round-the-clock Working Platform

Richfruits will build an independent "WeChat /Whatsapp work group" with every customer, and inviting all application technical engineer teams to join the group, apply  "one team to serve one customer" model for daily communication and answering questions, which is also a major feature of Richfruits services. We strive to be a "good partner" who cares about customers.

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