Available solutions

Spray Coating

Coating of kids furniture such as baby cribs and desks can be completed with automatic spraying line to eliminate costs and increase productivity. UV/Water-based/water-based UV paint solution are available.

Capacity: 2400-4000㎡  
Total power:18.25kw  
Gas consumption: 1300L/min  
Machine size:13.6m×5.4m×2.75m 
Bearing: 300kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 12 people
Capacity: 2800-4800㎡
Total power: 117.5kw  
Gas consumption: 1300L/min 
Machine size:40m×5.4m×2.75m  
Bearing: 500kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 16people
Capacity: 3200-600㎡  
Total power: 59.75kw  
Gas consumption: 1450L/min  
Machine size:24m×5.4m×2.75m  
Bearing: 500kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 12people
Applications cases

Children’s Dream Land Korea

Sale of children's product, Furniture for kindergarten and schools, Wooden toy, Plastic toy, Plastic toy block, Plastic toy car, Stationery

Ximengbao Kids Furniture

In 1988, Ximengbao brand was born. As the first domestic focus of teenage children furniture market segments of the brand, were the first to put forward the children furniture is not a smaller version of the adult furniture, children furniture is has its own unique design, function and process, have the furniture of more stringent standards. XMB has more than 600 stores in the world, throughout the country 34 provinces and cities, with British Tesco, France, Japan, the United States kmart, Ikea of Sweden, and other well-known foreign large retail chain stores, for many years for consumers favorite 10 solid wood furniture brand, become China's leading brand of children's furniture industry.

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