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Spray Coating

Coating of kids furniture such as baby cribs and desks can be completed with automatic spraying line to eliminate costs and increase productivity. UV/Water-based/water-based UV paint solution are available.

Capacity: 2400-4000㎡  
Total power:18.25kw  
Gas consumption: 1300L/min  
Machine size:13.6m×5.4m×2.75m 
Bearing: 300kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 12 people
Capacity: 2800-4800㎡
Total power: 117.5kw  
Gas consumption: 1300L/min 
Machine size:40m×5.4m×2.75m  
Bearing: 500kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 16people
Capacity: 3200-600㎡  
Total power: 59.75kw  
Gas consumption: 1450L/min  
Machine size:24m×5.4m×2.75m  
Bearing: 500kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 12people
Applications cases

Strategic cooperation projects

Product Category: 
Number of production lines: Equipment Features
Production capacity:
 Exhausted gas treatment: UV primer, water-based paint, water-based LED-UV finish Membrane pressure PVC cabinet door, custom closet, lines 3 articles......

Strategic cooperation projects

Exhaust gas treatment: UV high-gloss finish 
Product variety:cabinet,the whole house customization 4 lines solvent-free UV primer+water-based finish paint,water-based primer+water-based finish paint UV primer 
spraying line: 1500m2 /8h Dry filter tower + photo-catalytic + activated carbon
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