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Surface Finishing Machines

Richfruits is formed of a group of experienced experts in the surface finishing industry. We have our own research center to explore cutting-edge finishing technology, design customized solution to meet every client’s needs, and a professional team to provide technical assistance.
Our products range from a single machine to a complete production line in the finishing process of door, cabinet, furniture, and composite materials etc. To ensure best quality and longest service life, we apply stringent quality control in manufacturing. At this moment, Richfruits spray coating, roller coating, and curtain coating machines, UV curing machines are running consistently in more than 30 countries. 
Automatic Spraying Line
Richfruits has designed several spraying coating lines based on daily output capacity and different paint type: PU, UV, PE, NC, Water-based etc for different products: mouldings, doors, window frames, cabinet board, floors, 3D curved panels… Talk with us now to find the best finishing solution for you.

Automatic Paint Spraying Machine

Richfruits automatic spraying machines are flexible, efficient, and durable. They come with varied configurations to accommodate various needs. Spraying motion can be completed by oscillating arms and robot arm to achieve high efficiency and high finishing quality. Water/dry filtration are optional while residual paint collected for recycle. 

Roller Coating line

Roll coating line is the ideal solution to apply coating on flat workpiece. Roll coaters offer a higher degree of productivity and can be paired with feeding, brushing, and drying equipment to perfectly integrated into high-speed lines.

Roller Coating Machine

fast and efficient roll coaters suitable for finishing flat workpiece such as doors, flooring, and furniture panels. Accurate and uniform coating applied to ensure finishing with a great fullness with no color differences. Coatings can be recovered and recycled. Ideal for staining, primer, and top coating. 

Paint Drying Machine

The coating dryers are designed after investigating the drying characteristics of different type of paint lacquer. Hot air, default humidity and temperature, cold infrared, UV lamps are applied to cure UV,PU,PE,NC, Water-based UV with ideal finishing effect at high speed. Energies are saved due to scientific configurations and advancing materials. 

Conveyor system

Conveyor system to realize automation of the finishing process to save labor. Stable, durable and low maintenance.

Dust Cleaning Machine

Brush machine with one or more brushes for the fast removal of dust and impurities. Features a belt/roller conveying system.

Curtain Coater

Curtain coaters are suitable for primer or top coating on various flat panel types, such as furniture, cabinet panels, wood composite floors, doors and bamboo curtains, with a high gloss coating effect.

UV Printing Machine

Designed to reproduce natural patterns such as wood and marble. Accommodate with solvent, water or UV coatings
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