Available solutions

Spray Coating

Excellent for automatic coating of cabinet boards in different shapes including flat and curved panels with high efficiency. Solutions can be customized to satisfy all kinds of finishing effect with different paint: UV/AC/NC/PU/PE/Water-based.

Capacity: 300-900㎡  
Total power:18.25kw  
Gas consumption: 1300L/min  
Machine size:13.6m×5.4m×2.75m 
Bearing: 300kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 12 people
Capacity: 700-1800㎡  
Total power: 117.5kw  
Gas consumption: 1300L/min  
Machine size:40m×5.4m×2.75m  
Bearing: 500kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 16people
Capacity: 900-2900㎡  
Total power: 59.75kw  
Gas consumption: 1450L/min  
Machine size:24m×5.4m×2.75m  
Bearing: 500kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 12people

Roller Coating

Suitable for coating flat cabinet board in a broad range of materials such as wood and wood composite. An great option of cost-saving and is flexible for all types of application on flat panels.

Capacity: 420-1680㎡  
Two primers coating configuration, Putty + double roller, with coarse pores with the use of the substrate,

Applications cases

Strategic cooperation projects

Exhaust gas treatment: UV high-gloss finish 
Product variety:cabinet,the whole house customization 4 lines solvent-free UV primer+water-based finish paint,water-based primer+water-based finish paint UV primer 
spraying line: 1500m2 /8h Dry filter tower + photo-catalytic + activated carbon

Strategic cooperation projects

UV primer, water-based finish paint Solid-wood cabinet 2 lines Solvent-free uv primer+water-based finish paint lines UV primer line: 1800m2 /8h,
water-based finish paint line: 1800m2 /8h Dry filter+catalytic combustion processing system
Zhibang cabinet Process requirements: 
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