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Spray Coating

Automatic spraying machine is excellent for coating wooden stairs with cylinder shapes with high efficiency. Solutions can be customized to satisfy every need and requirement.

Capacity: 300-900㎡  
Total power:18.25kw  
Gas consumption: 1300L/min  
Machine size:13.6m×5.4m×2.75m 
Bearing: 300kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 12 people
Total power: 117.5kw  
Gas consumption: 1300L/min 
Machine size:40m×5.4m×2.75m  
Bearing: 500kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 16people
Capacity: 900-2900㎡  
Total power: 59.75kw  
Gas consumption: 1450L/min  
Machine size:24m×5.4m×2.75m  
Bearing: 500kg/㎡  
Instead of staff: 12people

Applications cases

Suofeiya Home Collection Co.,Ltd.

Currently Suofeiya has over 3000 stores in China, and works with over 50 top Chinese real estate companies in project business industry. In 2017, SUOFEIYA average monthly actual production reached 184,400 orders from SUOFEIYA custom wardrobe and its supporting custom cabinet production base , and the average annual production capacity utilization rate was 85.6%. 

Beijing Branch Po Boloni Kitchen & Bath Furniture Co., Ltd.

Boloni Home Decor Beijing Co. Ltd. designs, manufactures, and distributes furniture products. The Company produces interior doors, sofas, lamps, cabinets bookshelves, and other related products.
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