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  • Q How to contact you?

    A Tel: 0086-757-27721959
    whatsapp or wechat: 86 13928252573 or Email to us
  • Q How does automatic spray coating line help me eliminate production costs?

    A The most important cost factor in the coating process is the paint consumption. Thanks to our patented Paint Recycling System, the recovering rate of paint reaches to as high as 99%. In addition, the Intelligent Coating System helps you monitor the paint consumption in real time.
  • Q Which coating process is ideal for my products? Can you design a tailored solution for me?

    A Sure. Our team can help you find the right solution for you based on your production needs. Please click CONTACT US and leave your contact details so an English-speaking technician can reach you for further discussion.
  • Q How do you practice quality control in your factory?

    A In order to guarantee consistent quality, we apply a rigorous Quality Management System in addition to ISO9001. From a screw to a complete assembled machine, every workpiece is tracked and tested separately by QC staff before packaging and shipping.
  • Q How can I examine your coating quality?

    A The easiest way is to send your workpiece to us for testing. As we have a testing lab at our headquarter in Guangdong, we sincerely invite you to visit us in person with your workpiece, so we can arrange a testing for you to watch the coating process and check the coating quality on your workpiece. In addition, to visit our production site nearby you is also available by appointment.
  • Q My factory is located in North America/Europe. Will your machines meet local safety standard?

    A Our machines are CE and CSA certified which means they meet Europe and North America safety standard. Right now Richfruits auto spraying machines, roller coating machines and production lines are running consistently in more than 30 countries including America, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, India, Dubai, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Korea.
  • Q How can I get maintenance service for my coating machine/line?


    For daily operation questions or spare parts ordering, our after-sales supporting staff can be reached anytime online through your exclusive service group on instant messaging APP (Whatsapp, Wechat, Line etc). If maintenance service is needed, our global network of distributors which is widely spread across the continents is ready to provide basic maintenance service. In some cases, we will arrange to send spare parts and technicians from our headquarter, ensure your problems to be solved ASAP.

  • Q What should I do if I got some questions regarding to the machines and technologies/solutions?


    We are happy to discuss these with you. Please click CONTACT US and leave your contact details so an English-speaking technician can reach you for further discussion.

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