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  • Daily cleaning of coating equipment


    The equipment in the coating production line must be cleaned after being used for a long time, so how should the coating equipment be cleaned? Today, the Richfruits coating equipment manufacturer will introduce how to clean the coating equipment.The daily cleaning of the coating equipment ultrafiltr Read More

  • How many transportation methods are there in the spraying process?


    Sprayring Painting is a very important process in the manufacturing industry, which can effectively prevent the workpiece from being corroded by the external environment, increase the life of the workpiece, and beautify the appearance of the workpiece. At present, the domestic coating process is mai Read More

  • How to ensure coating quality and the difference between spray and plating?


    Spraying equipment is becoming more and more common nowadays, with the improvement of automation, the application of coating production lines is becoming more and more extensive. According to the degree of automation, the current market is divided into three types: manual coating equipment, semi-aut Read More

  • What are the purposes of spraying equipment?


    Painting is an important part of the surface manufacturing process of construction machinery products. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating quality is one of the important aspects of product quality assurance. The appearance quality of a product not only reflects the protection and decoration perfor Read More

  • Several coating methods of coating equipment


    Painting refers to covering the surface of semi-finished products such as metal, wood, plastic, and automobiles with a protective layer or a decorative layer. With the development of society, the technology of many industries has changed a lot, and the times are developing, science and technology ar Read More

  • Three advantages of automatic coating equipment


    Automatic coating equipment is a tool that automatically covers and non-metallic surface protective layer and decorative layer, using intelligence to replace manual labor. Here is an introduction to the advantages of automatic coating equipment.1. Compared with traditional coating equipment, automat Read More

  • The equipment composition of coating equipment production line


    Coating a protective layer or decorative layer on metal and non-metal surfaces is the coating process. With the development of industrial technology, coating has gradually developed from manual coating to industrial automation, and the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and the appli Read More

  • Do you know anything about the painting production line?


    With the development of economy, more and more products are required to beautify the appearance of products through spraying processing, and spraying processing has also changed from manual spraying to spraying processing. So what matters should be paid attention to when working on the spraying prod Read More

  • Method for dehumidification of automatic coating equipment


    Automatic coating equipment is a machine that can coat metal or non-metal materials with a lot of automation efficiency. When using automatic coating equipment, sometimes there are certain requirements for the humidity of the automatic coating equipment , The humidity is too high, you need to dehumi Read More

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