01   Basic Spray Coating Line
   If you are considering switching from manual spraying to automatic spraying, line 01 is the right choice. It is the most cost-effective solution in ways of saving paint, saving labor and increasing productivity. 
   The automatic spray coating line deals perfectly with workpieces in variable shapes. Mouldings, cabinet doors, stairs, frames, profiles, panels, either flat or raised, are suitable for automatic spray coating line. Top surface and four sides are covered at one time to achieve higher efficiency.

 Layout: Conveyor-Brushing machine-Automatic spraying -Conveyor

 Characteristics: 01 line is the simplest and stable configuration of an automatic spraying line, ideal for entry-level small production factory with maximum flexibility. Compatible with any type of water-borne or solvent-based paint and process.

 Daily productivity: 1500m², equals to the output of 12 people working 8 hours.

 Space required: 13.6m*5.4m*2.75m