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What are the purposes of spraying equipment?

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Painting is an important part of the surface manufacturing process of construction machinery products. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating quality is one of the important aspects of product quality assurance. The appearance quality of a product not only reflects the protection and decoration performance of the product, but also constitutes an important factor in the value of the product. Next, the Richfruits coating equipment manufacturer will introduce to you what are the purposes of spraying equipment.

What are the spraying of spraying equipment

1. Painting factors

The focus of the coating project is: coating process and equipment, coating materials, factory environment, and coating treatment.

The quality of coating materials is one of the basic conditions for obtaining high-quality coatings. The coating process, equipment, and environment can give full play to the functions of coating materials, obtain high-quality coatings, reduce production costs and increase economic benefits. Coating treatment is to ensure the guarantee of the formulated process, to ensure the stability of the coating quality, and to achieve the key conditions for coating purposes and economic benefits.

2. Key equipment for coating

The key equipment for painting is divided into surface pretreatment equipment after painting, painting equipment, coating film wetting and curing equipment, mechanized transportation equipment, dust-free constant temperature drying air supply equipment, etc. and other auxiliary equipment.

A: Coating surface pretreatment equipment

B: The goal of preprocessing

Removal of foreign matter, such as oxide scale, rust spots, grease, etc., on the coated parts, and provide suitable substrates for coating requirements, such as phosphating, oxidation, and passivation, so as to ensure that the coating has good anti-wear and decorative functions .

3. Pretreatment equipment is mainly divided into physical and chemical types

Physical formula:

A: Remove impurities attached to the surface of the steel plate, and use thinner to remove grease and other dirt.

B: If there are sulfates or corrosive salts, they should be washed with clean water to shrink the air and blow dry.

C: The dry board is pre-treated on the assembly line, and the oxide scale, rust and impurities are removed by shot blasting or sandblasting. Then use a vacuum cleaner or purified shrinking air to remove the surface of the steel.

Chemical formula:

Immersion type, radial type, immersion-spray fusion type, spray-dip-spray fusion type

It consists of tank body, tank liquid heating system, stirring system, phosphating slag removal system, oil-water separation system, etc. Among them, phosphating slag removal and oil-water separation devices are the key systems. Roller skating slag removal has sedimentation method, hydrocyclone separation method, inclined plate deposition method, bag filter method, plate and frame filter press and other common methods. The methods of separation of oil and water are: adsorption method, ultrafiltration method, hot oil separation method and centrifugal method.

How to place the spraying equipment:

The working site is long, not wide enough and can be used by manufacturers with a large amount of spray: Arrange spray booths A and B to spray in turn, with a frame on each side, which can be sprayed continuously without causing pressure parts.

The office and the workshop are integrated, the site is a square workshop, the track cart method is used between the oven and the spray room, which saves space, and the office area can be made of glass, which can not only see the working status of the workshop, but also reduce Up the noise.

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