Spray Coating
Medium size system

Suggested Machine


Processing speed:2-20m/min 
Processing width: 1300mm 
Processing thickness: 3-80mm 
Total power:0.75kw

Dust Cleaner

Machines designed for cleaning dust after sanding or before next coating It suitable for panel furniture, door solid wood composite floor board cabinet side board artwork, bamboo window curtain fiber cement board/calcium silicate board, glass magnisium board,etc.

Automatic Paint Spraying Machine

Suitable for plate workpiece’s surface of solid wood furniture.solid wood composite door,America-type cabinet,suite furniture,bathroom cabinet,display case,artware,decorative board,calcium silicate board,glass magnesium board etc.with high quality effect to spray paint continuously and automatically on UV,PU,AC,NC,WB and fluorocarbon paint,to realized saving energy,pro-environment,saving labour and improving products quality and production efficiency.

Flash - off drying tunnel

Machines designed for the application of UV paint’s flash-off or solvent paint’s drying for panel furniture,door,solid wood composite floor board,cabinet side board,artwork,bamboo window curtain,calcium silicate board,glassmagnersium board,fiber cement board and so on.

UV Dryer

Machines designed for the application of UV paint’s drying for door frame,linear door workpiece,什uniture linear workpiece,skirting board,floor board and so on.


Machines designed for loading workpiece for processing or unload it after processing.lt suitable for panel furniture ,door,solid wood composite floor board cabinet side board,artwork,bamboo window curtain,fiber cement board/calcium silicate board,glass magnisium board,etc.
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