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How many transportation methods are there in the spraying process?

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Spraying coating

Spraying coating is a very important process in the manufacturing industry, which can effectively prevent the workpiece from being corroded by the external environment, increase the life of the workpiece, and beautify the appearance of the workpiece. At present, the domestic coating process is mainly done manually, and the quality of the coating is greatly affected by factors such as workers' technical proficiency and environment. Today, the richfruits coating equipment manufacturer will introduce you to the various transportation methods in the spraying process.

Because the conductor is a cylindrical structure, it needs to be rotated when spraying, so the rotation is stable, flexible, and a fully automatic sliding transport structure with a low failure rate. The conductors are mixed on the sliding. The upper part of the sliding is provided with four conductors that are consistent with the length of the sliding to make slots, and conductors of different sizes can be loaded on the upper part of the sliding. The card slot is folded with a high-quality cold-rolled galvanized steel plate, and the bolts and the sliding skid are connected, and their function makes the manually placed support frame and the conductor always remain in a straight line.

The sliding and prying conveying process are as follows:

1. Use a bicycle to hoist the conductor to the sliding cart, and pneumatically confirm the hoisting in place button.

2. The paint spray booth moving machine automatically transfers the conductor from the upper part to the spray paint area of the spray booth for painting operations.

3. After the operation is completed, the conductor is transferred to the sliding system of the leveling chamber by the motor-driven sliding car on the upper part of the moving machine to complete the leveling operation.

4. After setting the leveling time, the sliding system of the leveling chamber automatically transfers the conductor to the drying chamber for drying operations.

5. The conductors that have completed the drying operation are automatically transferred to the drying furnace by the sliding system of the drying chamber, transferred to the lower part of the conductor, and then hoisted to the storage area by a crane. The full-automatic conveying cycle operation of the conductor is repeated in this way.

The currently popular forms of conveying:

Due to different design concepts, there are mainly two types of conveying modes currently popular in large-scale coating lines.

The main differences are as follows: main advantages and disadvantages


Style, pre-treatment, electrophoresis line mainly adopts pendulum conveyor or some manufacturers adopt ground transportation. The skid conveyor has a small floor area and a high space utilization rate. It can realize a multi-layer layout, and the equipment and soil construction cost is high.


The electrophoresis line adopts a push rod type suspension conveyor, the empty spreader return line mainly uses an air friction type conveyor, and the ground transportation mainly uses a ground push rod and a friction type conveyor. The equipment and soil construction cost are low, and the operating cost is low. The quality of the electrophoretic paint film is affected to a certain extent, and the cost of casting the tank is high.

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